One popular act… Banned in colleges now.. at least in most of them. So what is this ragging? In simple terms, hurting  somebody. It could be anyone, anywhere, anytime and most importantly in any form. Tradition has it that we pursue ragging as physical torture which can leave a mental scar behind. But why can’t it also be mental torture to cause mental trauma? Why when we hear ragging only running and jumping from one place to other comes to our mind? Isn’t starring in someone’s eyes to cause a fear so strong that it makes u hate the place u have also wanted to be in…Ragging? Well, since I have asked so many questions, I should find out the answer as well! But before that, let’s do some sorting.

After a lot of thinking put into this, I realized that there are 2 types of ragging and subsequently 2 types of ‘raggers’ too.

1. The common ones. 

    They are the ones who will make u sweat, feel out of breath. I don’t know why, But they like seeing u running. They’ll also make u do a lot of their work.

2. The unnoticed ones. 

The ones we should be concerned about.

These are the ones who will humiliate u,make u feel sick. They’ll stare at u in such a way that they plant a seed of dreadfulness in u. you’ll always be scared and full of fear. U want to avoid any sight of them. When u see them, your heart beats fast. Slowly.. u avoid seeing them.  And slowly u avoid seeing that place… No sooner you are turned into the person u never wanted to be. Afraid and under confident. U always feel forced and helpless.

         Do you know what these 2 raggers have in common?. 

It is intention. And this is the answer to my questions too. 

They have a common intention of hurting u. 

It’s important that we pay more attention towards the second type because what they have is only intentions. Absolutely bad intentions. They won’t touch u, but u feel ripped. They won’t hurt u but ur soul will be wounded. They will do anything to make u disgusted.  Even after showcasing such horrifying act of immorality, these evil people escape. Why? Because we let them. We ignore them. We don’t take such criminals as criminals. Hence, we don’t report. We don’t, because Intention cannot be proven in the court of law. The bad tone of talking and ugly stare which are the tools cannot be brought in the court. It stays with the bully lifelong. And he uses them relentlessly, without any guilt.

Who says that ragging is an important aspect of making friends? That it is necessary for a great bonding? No! It’s a myth and in the name of “friend making” abusing is practiced. It doesn’t break ice, it breaks dignity. So my friends, stop ragging. Stop it before it becomes a habit. It’s no less than an addiction. Also it does more harm than an addiction. To you 

and the poor soul… you are ragging.

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