Appreciation-A want or Need?

We have read articles on encouragement , motivation , uplifting and all other titles. But lets face it. Have u ever read something about appreciation? No? Then here it is! 

Conflicts and misunderstanding between people usually start when one does not appreciate enough of what matters to him the most.
Appreciation is defiantly a need. It is everything. It is a pull u get everytime u fall weak, its a push u need to move forward, It is a reward for ur courage, talent and thought of movement. In the absence of which, one may stop the journey. Motivation , confidence & thought are all forces that Come from within. Appreciation is a force that comes from the world. If former mentioned are engine and spare parts of a car, then appreciation is the fuel. And without fuel my friend! The car is a liability. It shines for somedays but later feels like a loss. The same  will happen to people around u, if u don’t appreciate them. They will loose hope, feel guilty . They will stop to think and start to over think . Only, because U did not appreciate enough. So open ur eyes wide ’cause its time u save a soul! Look around! There are people who love u soo much, have u loved them back? Have u loved them even enough.? Think.  Have u performed any gesture of appreciation or even thanked them, truely , such that it touched them! And if u haven’t , its always better to be late than never. Gather some courage, be a little  expressive and go out and appreciate their gesture. Hug them ,kiss them, thank them , for always being there! For loving u soo much, for caring much! Be it ur family , ur friends or ur special someone. You owe them that one big bow leaving ur all EGO ,ESTEEM AND SHYNESS behind. 

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