A Cry!

​Arn’t we always told , don’t cry like  a baby! Don’t cry! Nothing Will change! 

But have you ever observed a baby put to sleep after they cried ? I have! And couldn’t help but notice his deep, calm and peaceful sleep, with all the agitation out in the world. Like babies do, we all deserve that sleep too! Why if nothing will change has God given us something that happens both in happiness and sadness ? Something that is perceived as a sign of love in the former and a … weakness in the other ? Let’s add some truth to the answer here. It DOES change. It changes YOU! It calms you. Relaxes you.  It settles you,  like sand. It NUMBS you .You can call it god’s own anaesthesia, given to us as a gift  and gifts are very helpful especially the once form god. It melts the stress, let’s you speak without a word.  It is a communication between u and God!
It keeps you so much away from all the suffering and evils like depression, anxiety, anger and what not! Tears that flow are nothing but your anxiety, your fears, your negativity.. in the weakest  form! They purify your soul just as water purifies the body . They keep you put from ruining your life . It releases your anger and heals you from within.
Cry was made because someone up there knew, that humans would end up nurturing the evil and mocking the angel.  Not all of us are given the strong  heart . Not all of us can defy the bad. But we are given something that will help us float , help us survive if the evil shows!
U must melt the toxins
U must be aware ..
U need to prevent the complications, 
That keep you solitare!
So my friend, Don’t fear to cry, don’t hold it in, it may grow!
Use you weapon , go for that cry!
You won’t fall! You will emerge stronger, as days pass by. 

4 thoughts on “A Cry!

  1. Hey, I don’t know if my comment was deleted by my bad internet connection πŸ™ˆ I really like this post and can identify so well with it! I also wrote a post about feelings and my thoughts, about emotions and being told that I am too emotional sometimes. Maybe you would like to read it too 😊 Have a nice day! Http:\\minamarini.wordpress.com

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