Marks don’t always count!

Nowadays learning and studying have become two different stories. There was a time when they walked on the same path, hand in hand, having the same destination . The world was very happy untill the villain entered. This villain is cunning, smart and most wanted . He works on the policy of divide and rule . Any guesses who could it be ? I think you guessed it right! Its competition ofcourse!. It compelled them to part ways, so they no longer have the same destination and we no longer have the benefits. Sad story. Isn’t it ? But, What’s more sad about this is, that it has come true. It is good to have some competition although, too much of anything is too bad . Over past few years we have focused more on our marks card, and less on understanding. And why not ? Since marks have taken over the world! You need to have good grades to get into a good college ,to get into a good pay workplace and finally to live a good life. So far, all good. Lesser did we realise we have left behind the most important aspect, learning.
Students now study to print good marks on card. They don’t pay attention to what has been taught in class neither attempt to learn from books. Its not really their fault. Exams have proved to be over rated in their duty to filter the ones who have understood and who did not. Exams have become all about passing and scoring,leaving behind their true identity and reason for existence. This needs to change. A change that only students can bring. A change that takes you back to those times where world was a better place . Along with slogans like “Save Tigers” , “Save Trees” ,” Reduce Pollution “and ” Control Population “, include “Study to learn and less to earn”, because more they study to sharpen their skills, better will be the future. And mind you, this future will be a present someday, that will define any further future.

14 thoughts on “Marks don’t always count!

  1. You are right, I thought college would be the exception, I was wrong. Everybody study for the tests, and when the tests are over, they forget everything they have been “taught”

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  2. Im so glad someone has finally addressed this issue… I completely agree with you. People need to understand that marks and grades do not define a human being. Great post:)

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    1. so nicely said…they really do not…I try to encourage my kid to focus on understanding the subject first as opposed to acing it… Einstein said if you cannot explain it simply you did not understand well enough… I keep that with me to this day…

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