First day of my college🙆

​I was scared of course because I didn’t know anybody there. It was new and fascinating at the same time anxious and negative. Still I continued my way through the gate of the college. Since I had already been there for my admission, I exactly new where my destination was. Heading towards my destination someone called out my name from behind. Turns out she was from my PU College and supposedly was going to be my classmate. We started walking together. We were Breathless and our hearts beating fast. Not because we were scared but because we climbed up 2 floors. Now this says a lot because there was already a lift in that building & we chose not to take that as we didn’t want anybody over there to think that we are not active (so indulged in making my first impression😂). So we finally came to the hall where the intro talk was going to be held. It was a big hall with everything arranged. The chairs lined up neatly, curtains cleaned & most importantly the stage and podium, where the principle would be addressing us. We sat in the 2nd row. I and Monica did not really know each other so well. So we started talking , about many things and how we ended choosing physiotherapy.The room was filled with people soon. Some parents had also accompanied. Few minutes of chattering & a brief period of silence later, we all stood up as the principle entered. Along with him entered the whole staff. I took a sigh of relief on seeing a group of young people as we could relate to them as teachers and  older friends ( did not really turn out that way😅) All seated, and the intro talk started. It was quite boring and some of it bounced. I was half asleep when i woke up &the next thing i got to know was we were dvided into 2 batches for the orientation process ( they showed us the college and hospital). Unfortunately, Monica was not in my batch (as usual, my bad luck shows up🙄). I was all alone & was following the teacher like my batch was. I am quite an introvert but a gemini too. So i had to find someone to talk to! I could see a Quite, innocent looking girl. Long hair and fair. I dont know wat struck me, i went and talked to her. While walking, i asked her, her name. And she said Sharfaa. I might have asked this like 2 times.. and later also until i could by heart that. From here we continued together until lunch break. And then later same session continued. After a dead tiring day we could finally take some fresh air at 5 in the evening. I Monica and Sharfaa walked in the parking area until we could spot our bikes. Monica had her own, so she waved us a good bye, when sharfaa, very softly spoke ” can u drop me till reliance fresh? My mom will be coming to pick me.” So sweet i could not refuse.   I dropped her exactly where she wanted me to. Exchanging numbers, we bid each other good bye and i continued to ride my bike. After coming home, i hogged food and never ate it. Took rest ( of almost 4 hours😛) and finally on my bed with a thought, thinking how my schedule will be changing hence forth. 9 to 5 college and a holiday on sunday. Doesn’t sound  interesting & defiantly not easy. But i had my priorities set, to continue on what path i have chosen. Somewhere or the other, this thought even today is the basis of my survival. Waiting for next day and following ones, i fell asleep with the snap of a finger.

Hope this article could remind u of ur 1st day & remind u all of ur college days! 😊 Please leave ur views in comments!😊

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