From a Daughter to a Father❤

PhotoGrid_1495542106877They are always sensitive when it comes to papa. Always give up on all the work to sit and chat with him, because it’s rare as he is busy. Busy giving her a life of Princess who might not get a prince but definitely has a king by her side. He might be the head of the family but when the little baby girl cries he went down only to become a horse on whose back she sits with loads of enjoyment running from her lips and reaching right to his heart. All he can see is your smile. Such is the power of smile. Just a smile and he melts. So much does it matter to him that when you smile once he Smiles for the entire day. He make sure you bought the dress you saw at the mall. But he also makes sure you haven’t wasted your money. From buying ice creams to granting permission for night out she grew up bounded and protected in his bubble of love. That’s right! a bubble. Nearly invisible but always present and felt. Its by default, but they have a special bond. A bond that cannot be seen or mentioned but is known between them. His sacrifices ,which are countless, ments your future. Your smile melts his heart. His advices if you take, will render the path of success. Your success makes him proud. This bond grows everyday invariably with time only to make her realise that he is not a king or a  hero , he is beyond that. He is a Father ! A father, of a daughter.


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