Being a Gemini💁

PhotoGrid_1495542042390To all geminis ❤

Its true, they are double faced and by double faced I don’t mean they are masked people. By double faced I mean they like both sides of a coin. This coin here implies a lot of things like profession- artistic or academic, talking to people- introvert or extrovert or even chosing colours, they can like both black and white. Just as many people do right? But can anyone like both colours at the same time ? Can anyone like studying and literally be book worms and also be that one in the group whose absence takes away the fun!? I don’t think so! Its just one of the things geminis are gifted with! And since they can like both sides they can argue on both sides as well. They could literally be lawyers without a degree! Just call them in this and you’ll find your self loosing very soon. Mood matters ofcourse. Coming to mood. They are very moody, which explains why they like opposite things. They are capable of changing desicions like people change clothes. And mind you they do ! They cannot stay in a particular thing for long. They get bored and eventually loose intrest in it. Why ? Let me explain. They have an uncontrolable urge to conquor whatever they are doing. They need to be the best at whatever they are doing. Dedication? 100%. When they do it , they do it like no body else does. They are applauded and taken as inspiration. All this is just external but whats left within is pure satisfaction. What they do , they do it for themselves. Its a feeling of ‘ done, what next? ‘ exactly, whats next? Nothing to do! And boom! Theres when the boredom strikes! Its so simple yet so complicated to understand a gemini!
They are fascinating, Quick witted, loving , affectious, couragous, also revengfull & restless.
They represent writing and movement in bold form.
They are manipulative and extremly intellectual.
For some it may just be a matter of months. But mind you! Your stars do count. 😉
Thank you!


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