Screenshot_20170522-090138What does a RELATIONSHIP take?

Its a huge word, i know. And the meaning is deep. As deep as your thinking. The more you over think, the deeper the meaning goes and its harder to find. Many people can’t afford it. Oh no! Dont get me wrong! They can’t afford it in ways of trust ,faith , love & majorly happiness.Sitting in an Audi and checking on your boy or girls phone isn’t what you call a relationship. Actually it is one. So congrats😊 but no congrats beacuse you are not simply HAPPY. A 5 letter word that can literally destroy most people’s relationship right now beacuse they realize its not there.ONLY if they realize. Otherwise life goes on for many of us. But don’t worry. Its not genetic. As if you get happiness only if you have its gene! No! There is a way & let me tell u! Its there & open ALWAYS! You can choose this path anytime there is a misunderstanding! It will only lead you to that 5 letter word,of being happy. This path is called UNDERSTANDING. Yes, another big one. Don’t sweat it! Let me simplify it for you. Its basically knowing some ones point of view & able to ACCEPT it. Only knowing? Not enough. When you accept, you understand. And when you do this, it becomes one of your veiw point. There you go ! Happiness delivered.
How deep did we go to know what relationship actually is ? Not even 5 mins of ur worthy time. Just two words, HAPPINESS & UNDERSTANDING gave so much meaning to the big word. Ofcourse , there are other aspects, but the ones lacking are always the above mentioned. So stay with your near and dear ones. Understand them. Be happy. Beacuse we are surrounded by relationships & cannot avoid it. So why not learn to live happily in one!❤
– Aesha Porwal.

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