Bohot chup rahe , ab aur nahi rahenge Bohot kuch saha, ab aur nahi sahenge 40 ka hi nai, bohot khoon baha hai Atankvadiyo ne hume samjh kya rakha hai? Vo duniya ko muthi me karna chahte hai Par vo yeh nai jante.. hum reth hai.. kisi k hath nai aate hai. Reth jo pairo […]



    RAGGING. One popular act… Banned in colleges now.. at least in most of them. So what is this ragging? In simple terms, hurting  somebody. It could be anyone, anywhere, anytime and most importantly in any form. Tradition has it that we pursue ragging as physical torture which can leave a mental scar behind. […]

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Appreciation-A want or Need?

We have read articles on encouragement , motivation , uplifting and all other titles. But lets face it. Have u ever read something about appreciation? No? Then here it is!  Conflicts and misunderstanding between people usually start when one does not appreciate enough of what matters to him the most. Appreciation is defiantly a need. […]

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All Alone

When you’re left all alone in the night. When all are sleeping really tight When loneliness gives its taste When you start feeling its all a waste, Its now when you have to broaden ur thoughts Its time when you start to resolve the knots. Beacause if you don’t now ,you will have to pay  […]

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Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask? I feel like I am stuck in such a task! Why can’t my little dream come true? Its like my only balloon , with air just flew! All I wanted was some time away, But the universe made it feel, no way! What about my fantasies so wild? It […]

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A Cry!

​Arn’t we always told , don’t cry like  a baby! Don’t cry! Nothing Will change!  But have you ever observed a baby put to sleep after they cried ? I have! And couldn’t help but notice his deep, calm and peaceful sleep, with all the agitation out in the world. Like babies do, we all […]

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Marks don’t always count!

Nowadays learning and studying have become two different stories. There was a time when they walked on the same path, hand in hand, having the same destination . The world was very happy untill the villain entered. This villain is cunning, smart and most wanted . He works on the policy of divide and rule […]

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First day of my college🙆

​I was scared of course because I didn’t know anybody there. It was new and fascinating at the same time anxious and negative. Still I continued my way through the gate of the college. Since I had already been there for my admission, I exactly new where my destination was. Heading towards my destination someone […]

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Being a Gemini💁

To all geminis ❤ Its true, they are double faced and by double faced I don’t mean they are masked people. By double faced I mean they like both sides of a coin. This coin here implies a lot of things like profession- artistic or academic, talking to people- introvert or extrovert or even chosing […]

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