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Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask? I feel like I am stuck in such a task! Why can’t my little dream come true? Its like my only balloon , with air just flew! All I wanted was some time away, But the universe made it feel, no way! What about my fantasies so wild? It […]

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A Cry!

​Arn’t we always told , don’t cry like  a baby! Don’t cry! Nothing Will change!  But have you ever observed a baby put to sleep after they cried ? I have! And couldn’t help but notice his deep, calm and peaceful sleep, with all the agitation out in the world. Like babies do, we all […]

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Marks don’t always count!

Nowadays learning and studying have become two different stories. There was a time when they walked on the same path, hand in hand, having the same destination . The world was very happy untill the villain entered. This villain is cunning, smart and most wanted . He works on the policy of divide and rule […]

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First day of my college🙆

​I was scared of course because I didn’t know anybody there. It was new and fascinating at the same time anxious and negative. Still I continued my way through the gate of the college. Since I had already been there for my admission, I exactly new where my destination was. Heading towards my destination someone […]

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Being a Gemini💁

To all geminis ❤ Its true, they are double faced and by double faced I don’t mean they are masked people. By double faced I mean they like both sides of a coin. This coin here implies a lot of things like profession- artistic or academic, talking to people- introvert or extrovert or even chosing […]

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